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OTG Mobile USB Hub for Android

Product Description

[ Meet adorable USB OTG Mobile hub which makes your mobile usage more functional, convenient and enjoyable. ]

  • OTG (On The Go) is the USB hub to connect your smart phone to other devices such as USB memory device, wireless mouse, and even keyboard
  • OTG hub contains a safe fuse to prevent over and reverse current, so that you can safely operate various devices with your smart phone
  • Expand more usages on your smart phone; this device makes it possible
  • Easily transfer digital files from a smart phone to USB and computer
  • Connect mouse or keyboard to perform more works with your device
  • with a contained extension cable, connect your smart phone to computer
  • 4 USB ports: connect 4 devices to a mobile device at the same time
  • Adorable design and light weight to carry any where
  • Compatible: Android mobile devices

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