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Mirror Stand 360°

Product Description
  • 360° Angle
  • Stainless Steel stand
  • 35mm diameter
  • Easy to install

Small portable mirror for the on-the-go that also acts as a phone stand. Flat down, or straight up, Mirror Stand can hold your phone in any position, any angle. perfect for use at home, office, cafe, travel, and anywhere else.


1. Wipe clean the back of the phone for stronger adhesion.

2. Peel off the protective sheet of the adhesive pad.

3. Press hard in the desired place.

4. Peel off the mirror’s protective sheet



Please wipe off the desire position of the cell phone or the case thoroughly. Set it to dry, then attach the mirror stand to the desired area and press it evenly. However, if excessive force is applied immediately after attachment, it may fall off.


If the adhesion is weakened by dust or foreign matter, it can be reused after washing with water ad sufficient drying. However, it is recommended to use it after confirming that the adhesive strength is weak or it may be difficult to attach where there is bending or on textured surface. This product is an product for ease of use. Damage caused by falling can not be compensated. When using this product for a long time, the rotational driving force may become loose quickly depending on the degree of use. Too much force may cause damage to the adhesive or the product when removing the holder. Grab the holder and slowly lift it up to lift it safely.


Mirror Stand may not be suitable for some types of phones

 Some phones do not hold strong onto the silicon adhesive pad. Phones with tempered glass material, and the iPhone 7 matte black does not hold tight.


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