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LED Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

LED Wooden Digital Alarm Clock 0

COCOCC Leather Wallet Case

COCOCC Leather Wallet Case 0

ABSL here with our newest product "Universal Leather Wallet Phone case" Its biggest feature is that it is made with special material that is able to block of 99% of the radiation emitted by our phones. 
We tested ourselves of how functional the case is with the Trifield Meter that measures electromagnetic waves. 
The COCOCC case comes in two sizes 4.7" and 5.5"
Its an universal case that fits any phone with its slide camera method 
Simply peel off the paper off the adhesive on the slider and connect directly to your phone, or a case (depending on individual preference) 
Check out the COCOCC case today!
ABSL Single Arm Monitor Stand F1

ABSL Single Arm Monitor Stand F1 0

Click here to buy [F1] Monitor Arm
Mini PC

Mini PC 1

Today we are going to introduce ABOX-1, an ultra-compact high-performance mini pc.
As you can see in the picture,
what a surprise! The PC fits easily into pants pocket!!
 Astonished Face on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)
This is not your usual big bulky PC that you think of as a computer. 
here is a comparison shot with the iPhone 7 .
It's a PC smaller than a cell phone! Now that's what I call an innovation Smiling Face With Heart-eyes on Twitter Twemoji 2.2.3
you don't need a mouse because the PC works a touch pad.
Here we have the first look of the ABOX-1 Smart Mini PC

It's in a neat black box.
The advantage of a mini PC is that it can be used anywhere with a monitor! 
It is really convenient  for those who takes frequent business trips.
All you have to carry is this simple box.

And now for the grand opening

 Drum on Apple iOS 10.2drum roll pleaseDrum on Apple iOS 10.2

We first see the PC in the leather pocket along with manual to the right.
Here's a shot of all that's included in the box.
I pulled out the mini PC from the pocket, 
it also includes the power line, power to usb cable, and the HD cord. 
Here is the keyboard version of the PC .
The keyboard is made of rubber, so you can bend it and keep it wrapped around the PC body.
Here is the view of it connected to a power source and the HD cord
Now you can use it anywhere with a monitor! 
Thumbs Up on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)
I installed it to our store's monitor.
All we did was to connect the HD cord to the monitor and you're good to go!
Winking Face on Apple iOS 10.2
This time, we tried connecting it to a TV.
However, there was no power source within distance
BUT! have no fear portable power bank to the rescue 
You connect the power line to the power bank, and the HD cord to the TV


You can use it freely anywhere you want.

With its compact size and high performance,

it'll be your best friend for your trips:)

What do you guys think of ABSL A-BOX Mini PC?

Click here to check out our Mini PC! 


Welcome to ABSL

Welcome to ABSL 0


Our company sells mobile accessories, car accessories,

and electronics of various kinds. 

phone case for  iphone 6/s, plus, iphone 7, plus, galaxy S5, S6, S7, Note 4, Note 5
Our collection of phone casesMobile Phone on Apple iOS 10.2Mobile Phone on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)
[iphone 6/s/plus, iphone 7/plus, galaxy S5,S6/edge, S7/edge, Note 4, Note 5 etc]
USB cable for Apple and Android
cables of all length, color, and material 
car mounts
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Car chargers and USB charging hubs 



We are currently located in the Lynnwood, WA  (within the H-mart complex).

store front  front desk

Store hours are Monday-Saturday 11AM-7PM Seven O’clock on Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5


ABSL satisfies its customers by providing high quality products and services, and shares its growth with all customers, company members and community.